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Best Practices for setting up clients in webflow and transferring


I see a lot of information around all of this. But not all of it in one place. I now have a personal plan. But under this plan I cannot transfer sites? So it is my understanding to create sites for clients I would have to set them up or have them setup a webflow account and then build in that? Or upgrade to the professional plan and then be able to transfer them. Is this correct?

Also while I am wrapping my head around this. How does a person with a $5 site non CMS edit their site? Do they have access to the editor or just the designer.

I will be making how-to videos for my clients on navigating the webflow world so I definitely would like to make the right videos the first time.

Appreciate any links / info on this topic as I am getting ready to hand over one of my first projects and now have to figure out if I have to redo it on another webflow account.

thanks in advance



We do not encourage creating the account for the client.


Correct, via designer view only.


So what do most designers do on here? Do you just keep the site under your account and then add clients as collaborators so they can change the CMS or use the editor? Then charge a hosting fee. Then it also creates a little passive income or at least on going after the site is built? And then if they want to go ou on there own then you can transfer the site solely to them? @vincent @craigteel @sabanna and anyone else want to chime in?

I guess ultimately you want to keep those relationships and not just design and then hand off.



I think it depends on the client, I have some clients that request only to edit as collaborators and pay me a hosting fee, while others already have a Webflow account and would rather it be transferred to their account.

I think it just depends on your client of what they want, and what they are looking for.

Hope this helps in some way. :sunglasses:


thanks. Yes that is helpful. I'm putting together the business plan and trying to crunch numbers. Really hosting can be a little bit of gravy but the meat and potatoes comes from the designing of sites. And I guess part of the whole purpose of using webflow for clients is that they can easily edit their own site so unless they are profficient with the design tool it is not going to be an option for many to do the lowest priced hosting plan.

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