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Beta feedback: Audit panel

This is an awesome feature, and so easy to click on an item through to editing it and resolving the issue.

Awesome work Webflow gurus!


I LOVE this feature, thanks guys, I was actually running an audit on to check the website’s accessibility, but it’s going to be MUCH easier. By following the recommendations, would our website be fully WCAG compliant?

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Laura, so happy to hear you’re enjoying the feature. The Audit panel, like other checkers, is made to give you a general sense of your level of compliance, so fixing those errors doesn’t guarantee your site is fully WCAG compliant. To do so requires a combination of automated and manual testing. For example, the tool can’t catch if you’re solely using color for presentation.

Here are some resources on what else to consider:

This is a deep and important topic. We hope to teach you more about inclusive design and accessibility, tailored for Webflow designers in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

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Thanks a lot !!

El El jue, 26 nov 2020 a las 1:18, Monica Czarny via Forum | Webflow <> escribió:

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Just making a little helper video on a11y about headings. My H levels are:
The audit found an error on the last 3 (because going from 1 to 3 is wrong) but in fact the “error” is that the second 1 should be a 3.
(I’m pretty much fully of the belief that there should only be one H1 on a page!)
Not sure what the answer is here… maybe a summary of all the heading levels within the sidebar? Dev should know what pattern they are looking for?

Did not use the Audit panel so far but I can tell you I was in PANIC missing my favorite tools.

Ok, I guess a lot of webflow enthusiasts don’t use the X-ray mode or even hide and show element edges. But honestly, I miss them big time… sorry… BIG TIME!

Just can’t see the upsides by removing them. For me, it’s like removing the grid view in Adobe Indesign.

Is this permanent? If so, don’t tell me before Christmas.
Please :pray: put them back.

Kind but confused regards from a designer.

Hey hey - to be clear, we didn’t remove them, we just moved them :sweat_smile:

Before & after image below:


Sorry was still having the panic in me… it came as a surprise :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You saved my Christmas!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I can’t remember whether you had a colour contrast checker for WCAG A and AA contrast levels, but that would be a good one (and a relatively simple one) to implement

Please consider revising your audit on heading levels. It is an incorrect interpretation of WCAG that heading levels out of sequence are considered a de facto violation. You will not find that explicitly stated as a WCAG failure in any official documentation. WAVE cites it as a warning, but there are contexts in which it is actually BETTER to skip a heading level (for consistency, for example).

Unless you make it clear that it is a warning or recommendation, I wouldn’t put that in the audit as it will lead to confusion and misinformation.

Love this feature but needs to auto up-date Elements Image alt tag under Element Settings. Would also like to see a Lazy Load Check Box here.
Thanks … keep-the good work!


Hey Jonathan! Thanks for pointing this case out.

Turns out, H1 and H2 headings actually “reset” the ordering.

So in the case you outlined, the second to last heading (H1) is valid, but the last heading (H3) should be a H2 or H1.

Great feedback that we should include this rule in our edu page on the Audit panel. We can update that!

Hey Tom, good discussion point on the heading audit.

You’re right, a non-sequential heading order is not a WCAG violation. We believe designers should be mindful of a page’s heading order as they design, especially since assistive technologies heavily depend on a site’s headings. We can certainly update our edu content with that note for everyone!

In the Audit panel, the heading audit is a moderate audit (represented by a yellow triangle) so it’s not as important as critical errors (red square) where users may miss out on content.

We have a planned improvement that lets you dismiss moderate audits you want to ignore, which includes this heading audit. That way, as a designer you’re still aware of this accessibility blocker, but you can make your own call on how it should impact your site visitors.

That sounds like a good idea.

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I will stick to this feature:
A lot of suggestions are about image meta stuff.
Can you make all assets excel type edit so I can add and flag stuff fast?

great new feature,… looking forward to have it improve my sites

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Not sure how this is more important to me than being able to have multiple forms sending to different email addresses (as asked for back here in 2017 Different email settings for different forms | Webflow Wishlist), but I guess it’s a nice to have rather than a stupid not to have it. Sorry, glass half empty on this one.

I love this and think it’s a great feature to not only give some hints but nudge me into checking those little details that matter so much! :heart:

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Love it, in general! VERY helpful.

Some critique: I don’t understand the “Non-descriptive Link Content” alert. When it comes up when I use link blocks without text or image content in them, I don’t know how to fix. Should I consider situations like that ok, and ignore the alert? image

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Great feature! And an important one for an accessible web, good on you.

Does the audit panel show issues from multiple pages, or just the one I’m on now? For me, audits are something I would largely ignore and then read/fix when I’m ready to publishing, then fix all image descriptions at once (for ex).

Right now it looks like I have to switch to each individual page to see the audits? I’d prefer to see them all at once (or maybe I’m missing it, still new to WF).

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