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Beta feedback: Audit panel

This is an awesome feature, and so easy to click on an item through to editing it and resolving the issue.

Awesome work Webflow gurus!

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I LOVE this feature, thanks guys, I was actually running an audit on to check the website’s accessibility, but it’s going to be MUCH easier. By following the recommendations, would our website be fully WCAG compliant?

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Hi Laura, so happy to hear you’re enjoying the feature. The Audit panel, like other checkers, is made to give you a general sense of your level of compliance, so fixing those errors doesn’t guarantee your site is fully WCAG compliant. To do so requires a combination of automated and manual testing. For example, the tool can’t catch if you’re solely using color for presentation.

Here are some resources on what else to consider:

This is a deep and important topic. We hope to teach you more about inclusive design and accessibility, tailored for Webflow designers in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

Thanks a lot !!

El El jue, 26 nov 2020 a las 1:18, Monica Czarny via Forum | Webflow <> escribió:

Just making a little helper video on a11y about headings. My H levels are:
The audit found an error on the last 3 (because going from 1 to 3 is wrong) but in fact the “error” is that the second 1 should be a 3.
(I’m pretty much fully of the belief that there should only be one H1 on a page!)
Not sure what the answer is here… maybe a summary of all the heading levels within the sidebar? Dev should know what pattern they are looking for?