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Beta feedback: Audit panel

Really helpful feature.

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Hey @jonreese, we definitely agree that this audit could be more clear. :+1:

I’m curious how you are using empty link blocks to better understand the scenario. Do you mind explaining either here or sending me a direct message? Ignoring :mute: the audit may be the right choice, but I’d like to understand the context.

Also for everyone reading this, ignoring and audit is non-destructive. Meaning the audit is still there if you want to revisit it at a later time, it just becomes less prominent to allow focusing on the other issues.

The Audit Panel looks for issues on the current page. In the future, it will be able to perform site-wide audits as well.

For alt-text, if adding it to the asset that is a site-wide fix for any instances of the asset that are set to pull the al-text from the asset.

Hey team!
I would love for my editors to be able to see the panel in the editor. Accessibility is a top priority and I’ve created CMS items in such a way that optional/required image fields have an associated alt-text field for editors to fill out.

With the optional fields, it gets more difficult to catch errors, but an editor with the audit panel could quickly check their work, and hold designer’s accountable.

My idea is to have the audit panel below the publish button - just like in the designer.

Needs audit panel -like in designer

YES!!! Absolutely keep the audit panel and keep up the amazing work, you all rock!

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It’s a great feature. Thank you.
Two comments:

  1. After I fixed the issue, I expect the comments to disappear or changed to V.
  2. I got a comment saying a link needs descriptive text, and unlink descriptive text for an image, I can’t find where to add the descriptive text to a link.

I assume the shortcut on Windows would be Ctrl+Shift+X for X-Ray…but it doesn’t work? Is it my QWERTZ keyboard layout?

So much about accessibility :sweat_smile: