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Beta feedback: Audit panel

Yes, it’s the symbol above the “contactez-moi”.
You’re correct, it could be set as decorative, but still this highlights the issue mentioned. Here’s a screenshot that illustrates the setup is correct with Alt text in the image manager configured:

I see. That does look like a bug. I shall investigate and write it up. Thanks for sharing.

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Heading elements order bug.

I have a page with H1, the RTE with H2 and then H3. The audit tool seems to ignore the H2 in the RTE.

Hey @Jonathan_Holden

I’m unable to reproduce the bug. The heading audit is working with static rich text. Is the rich text in a symbol or bound to CMS content? The beta version of the audit does not work in those conditions.

If it is a static rich text element and you can share the project, I’d love to look at the read-only link for the project to see if I can better understand what is going on.

It would be nice if we can tick a box that says “I know what I’m doing” and have it not show up as an Issue in the Publish panel.

If aria-hidden is true, I don’t think it’s a problem that a link isn’t descriptive. I understand that the programme just looks for empty links, but this could use some refinement.

Here’s my situation. My main nav ( contains three links to home: one on the logo, one on the website name, and one that is called “home” in a nav list. While this is fine for mouse and touch users, it’s a bit overbearing for screen readers. So, I set the logo image to be Decorative and I set the around it to aria-hidden=true. Actually, I think I should also remove it from the tab index, but that may be a different story.

I’d love for the Audit panel to tell me about Google fonts loaded in my project settings (which load on a published Webflow site, consuming network resources) that aren’t actively being used by any classes.

I was trying to figure out why my users were reporting performance issues, and Inspector showed me all the fonts I had previously been experimenting with, but were no longer using in any active classes, were still loading!

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That’s a great suggestion! I’ve added it to our internal document for potential audits. Thanks for posting @waycroft.

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Agreed… this seems like a feature which isn’t really that important compared to some of the other pressing ones… especially like multi-language support (which I’m sure is a lot more intensive to implement!) - but… not really sure if this new feature is super helpful considering it mostly tells me that my alt-text isn’t populated.

Love the tool! I noticed that it no longer audits the alt text of images that are inside of a symbol. I think it did originally, but it currently doesn’t.

Hey @Joe_Hohman currently the audit for alt-text is unable to evaluate images inside of symbols. This is a planned improvement for the alt-text audit.

Glad you’re enjoying the tool!