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Better way to do CMS URLs for collections?


Hey guys,

Is there a way to remove the collections URL? What I mean is this...

If I setup a collection called 'pro' then all the 'posts' with that collection have a URL of: [DOMAIN] / pro / [POST-NAME]

Is there a way to just have [DOMAIN] \ [POST-NAME] ?

I did do a search and found a couple of forum posts regarding this, but not really a solution to what I need. I'm thinking more of SEO and the 'link juice' that have already been accumulated over the years. (yes I know this can be 'fixed' with 301s & 302s :wink: )

...but secondly, and more importantly, I want to use the CMS 'posts' as pages rather than posts, hope that makes sense.


I'm not positive, but I believe it needs the domian/category/post-name. Since the category acts like a folder on how the page is stored on the server.


@r_rosenow is correct, not possible. Use wildcard redirects.


Doesn't make sense. It's either a CMS item (collection template) page, or normal page.