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Better ways to display wall of pictures


What is the best way to display pictures as this :

Better using divs or column ?
Fixed positions too ?


Stack or Tile Images

This kind of layout will be tricky, but it's doable. Seems like there are 2 main columns, left one aligned right and right one aligned left. In my opinion the best way to build something like this is to have blocks for each row of images you want. Then inside each block you add the images. They should stack on top of each other. I would make sure that the images are similar heights before importing. Will make it easier to work with (or set it in the CSS).


Do you have a tuto showing how to do that, cos I tried to understand your suggestion but I don't understand if I have to create block for each pictures or only blocks for each row ?



Blocks for each row like this:


What a great job !!

Thanks a lot.