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Beware of Kevin Wolfe/Eric Jasco Williams (FRAUD!)


That contact info matches your other information. Sell the debt to a collection agency
This is likely his house:


Hi man, yeah i found that info as well. Could be his home, but might be fake address. I have another address as well. Internet is king, we can find pretty much everything. As said, I even have all his credit card info, address info, email addresses, hosting logins, shopify login, webflow, pretty much everything. I was also running a process with a collection agency, but I paused it. This took too much of my time (and money) already. I'm trying to get him talking one more time, and might still decide to see what's possible through an international debt collector.


Nice strategy there Philip. Mind writing a brief breakdown of how it works. I am sure this would benefit a lot of people here, myself included. I am sure clear cut costing and collection measures are hard to figure out for most freelancers starting off.

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