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BIG E-commerce TROUBLE: Sorry. We cant ship your order to the address provided

Hello everyone,
I have clients with the following error message in my e-commerce webflow site :
Sorry. We cant ship your order to the address provided.

I placed exactly the same order with the same address and it works for me.

I checked shipping in all products, the countries are good, stripe connected. I do not know what to do.

I need help thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Nobody for help me ? really ?

Not sure how any community member can really help in this circumstance. I suggest you open a ticket with support.

Thanks Jeff, but i already made ticket and i have no answer. (More thant 48H).
My client is very angry to this situation because he lost money :s

While I can appreciate your frustration I am powerless to help you. Hopefully support can get back to you sooner than later.