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Big gallery with Lightbox


Hi all :slight_smile:

I want to make sure I am not missing anything...
In case I want to have a gallery with 100 photos connected to each other I need to:

  1. have 100 lightbox components in my gallery.
  2. upload each photo to every lightbox component.
  3. connect each 'media' in the lightbox to the right photo.

seems like a lot of work... is there a simpler way? workaround?



anyone? help ? :smiley:


If you mean that you want 100 photos spreaded in the page that when clicked launch in a lightbox where all the other images are already in, then I guess:

Yes, it's a lot of work
and No, there is no workaround sorry.


oh man... bummer


Hi Aviv,
You can use this to make it with collections and a Dynamic list:

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