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BitPay Payment Gateway to accept Bitcoin Payments


Has anyone here had any success integrating BitPay API for payment gateway? I have a client that would like to offer member only content via monthly membership subscription but would like clients to pay with bitcoin. Any help would be greatly appreciated



Hi @stevenwaters.
Josh from Foxy. We have a direct integration with BitPay and seamlessly integrate with Webflow (including subscriptions). You can learn more here: Member only content in a Webflow website is the tricky part since Webflow doesn’t have member/user functionality available yet. If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.




That offer seems to be beneficial, but I don’t understand one thing. Why is Bitcoin the only cryptocurrency which is taken into consideration? There are a lot of ICO, for example, on that are also have chances to become worthy. In my opinion, this is quite narrow.