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Blank form submissions from a modified copy of another form



We’ve lost some form submission data due to a buggy duplicate symbol of our contact form on our website.

What happened:

I created a Contact Form on our homepage, turned it into a symbol, and copied it to our Contact page.

A while later, the two forms needed to have different background colours - the homepage version needed to have a green background. To do this, duplicated the symbol, placed the duplicate on the Contact page, and then changed the background of the homepage version to green.

Shortly after this, we started receiving blank submissions to our form. I thought this was just a bug (e.g. older browsers causing form validation to fail), but after testing it today, I realized that the form wasn’t saving info that was submitted.

The help I need:

This might be a lost cause - but I thought it’s worth asking: Is there any chance that Webflow form data might have been saved elsewhere if it’s not showing up in my site settings?

And secondly - would be very grateful if someone could provide tips on why this happened.


Did you solve the problem?