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Blog Post Date Incorrect


i’m trying to figure out why my blog posts dates are coming up as “February” when they were published and created in May. In the designer, it show the correct date, but when I go to my url:, it comes up with february.

These post are on the “blog” page.

Here is my public share link:


Hi @Ashley_Janelle Try changing the field to the Published date at the bottom of the dropdown menu. The date you’re pulling from is for the Category reference field


hope this helps :slight_smile:


I have that actually and it’s still pulling the wrong dates somehow.


i looked at your new read-only link and you still have the wrong field selected:


try that :point_up:


That is actually what is selected. When you go to view my site not from the read only link it says the date is still february for my posts.


I got it thank you for your help