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Border radius not working on maps component (chrome)



I noticed there was a fix to under 'New features since you've been gone' and one was for Maps.

My maps are no longer showing 20px rounded corners in Chrome (fine in Edge, Firefox). I noticed this a few days ago. Was this part of the fix?

Here's what it looks like in Webflow and Chrome:

and here's a snapshot from Edge (it also looks ok in Firefox and IE11):

Click here for the website.



Hi @pnewest can you please update your post with a screenshot of the issue, link to your site, and your element's border settings? this will allow us to help you faster! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hi @thewonglv

I've updated screenshots and added a link to the site.

Many thanks


Thank you for the info! This is definitely strange - taking a look at this now.


I am having the exact same issue.


Hi @thewonglv

Any news on this issue? Could it be something to do with the way that Webflow uses moz / z-index which Google is sensitive to perhaps? This doesn't look great on our sites, so a resolution would be good.



Hi @thewonglv and @cyberdave

This problem seems to be rectified :smiley:. I tried Chrome at my surgery yesterday and office today and the rounded corners are back. Perhaps someone at Alphabet threw a switch!

All the best.


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