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Briefs - Free community curated design briefs for Webflow designers


Hello awesome Webflow designers!

I hope you are doing great. I’ll jump straight to the point. As a passion project, and because I saw a problem that needed a solution, I have created a community based platform offering practice briefs written specifically for Webflow designers by Webflow designers.

The goal here is to propose a library of diverse practice briefs for designers to polish their skills, and create portfolio worthy designs they can use to boost their brand.

Like I stated above, this is a community based platform. Because of that, we are looking for designers to give us a hand and contribute by coming up with fun and challenging briefs.

How would you feel about being part of this new adventure?

Check it out here!

Looking forward to hearing back from you! Any feedback is welcome!



Hey @Amath_Mbaye,

Oh, this is an amazing idea. I would be honored to be a part of this community.

Awesome project, definitely :webflow_heart:


Great to hear! Looking forward to working with you!


This is a gloriously good idea. If I weren't up against the project limit I'd probably be jumping in with both feet. This would be a great thing to do in downtime to keep sharp and refresh my brain.


Thank you very much. Well do not hesitate to pull the trigger if you every have enough down time!