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[BUG] Cant work within my project anymore..error all the way


Seems to be a strange behaviour - but i cant work on my project anymore. Any change to a class or element results in that error seen here:

I m trying a full restart, delete all browser cache info and then we ll see if thats reporting again.
Couldnt see any server infos or failures on status.webflow ?



Reboot, delete cache data information .. no chance :confused: still there.


It works fine here. Have you got the latest version of Chrome?


damn. i got Chrome Version 59.0.3071.86


Try update it and see if it helps :slight_smile:


Nope, updated to 59.0.3071.109 ... still the same issue


Strange. Try to send a message to if you haven't already. Even if it works alright for me I´m on a read-only link and the message you get is concerning save so there may be something else that's wrong (Bug?) Good luck :slight_smile:


Yeah its only when the site tries to save. Since you can only see my site in "read only mode" there can not be that error I think


Hey @Daniel_Schultheiss,

Can you try to log in incognito mode ?
Can you send a speed internet test ?


It cant be the connection :slight_smile: (its in german but...


And its the same using incognito mode


Oh here is what helped me to get out of that situation:

  1. Use "Clean Up" for my styles

  2. Go to the Dashboard and rename my project AND the corresponding subdomain

  3. DePublish, RePublish


89 / 33 kbs ?


@bart: No, that's 89.323 kbps = 89 mbps = 11 MB/s. In Europe we usualy use . to divide thousands and comma to divide tenths, eg. 1.234.567,89 = 1234567,89


yeah its 89323 kbit/s and 33054 kbit/s


I didn't know that !!!

That's a much better speed. I was starting to feel really bad for you :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, appreciate it :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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