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BUG - Unable to save ZIP/Postal code


Hi all,

Im testing out the e-commerce beta and trying to set up the general settings.

Is it just me that is not able to update and save the general Ecommerce settings?
When i try to save the ZIP / Postal code i get a error message saying “Invalid zip code”.



yes i also want to know this hope is there anyone who can help me out too.
with regards.


@jonsmith i found out that it works when i place a space after the first three digits. So when i try to insert it like “21145” it does not work but when i type it like “211 45” it works fine. :face_with_monocle:


Have you reached out to @webflow support about this issue?


@InblickNicklas Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but what Country do you have selected?

Our system has different validation logic for different countries – so that will help us debug.


Country was set to Sweden :sweden: - i also tried changing to US but that didnt work either.


Happening on my side also! When I select Serbia :serbia: and try to add my zip code 18000 it won’t work, says it’s invalid code.



I’m having this issue too. My country is Ecuador.