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Bug with text copied from Word/PDF document


Hey guys,

I’ve got a bug with the text editor when I copy/paste text from a Word or PDF document.

When I paste text in a paragraph block or a rich text block, and then double click to edit it, the layout changes completely and makes it impossible to edit.

I noticed that it’s only happening with text copied from Word/PDF, not with text copied from a webpage.

Check out my preview link :

Is it only me or do you guys get the same issue ?

Thanks for your help



When you paste text inside of a RT element, it comes with many formatting attributes picked from its source, especially office docs, anything Rich Text actually.

To avoid issues like the one you’re facing, it’s better to paste raw text — text without formatting at all — in RT elements.

How to paste raw text in Rich Text elements:

  1. use cmd+shift+V instead of cmd+V. It pastes texts using the destination’s style, or paste raw text. Depends on the application. For Webflow, that’s pretty much working. Unless you paste your text when the cursor is on a title, then everything is a title :slight_smile:
  2. paste your text in a pure text editors like Sublime, copy it again from there and paste it in Webflow. Beware, mac OS Text Editor is not a pure raw text editor at all, it does rich text too. (it can be but must be setuped)

Unable to copy/paste text into text blocks?

Thanks Vincent ! It works !

Problem solved.


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