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Build a Map with Snazzy Map

Hi, there!

I can’t write a code, but I need a interactive map with custom markers :blush:. I’ve created a map with SnazzyMap, added an API key and got the HTML code.
I’ve tried different ways but the map doesn’t work and I can’t find where the problem is and how to solve it. Default Webflow map works, but something is wrong with SnzzyMaps code implementation.

Map appear for 0.5 seconds and then error message appears

Google Maps was not loaded correctly on this page. Refer to the JavaScript console for detailed technical information.

Is there any advice where to look for a solution?
Thanks a lot!

Published site:
Read only Link:

For me sounds like an API error, do you have your API to accept requests to your maps?

It was an API error! Thanks for pointing the direction! :slightly_smiling_face:

did you happen to solve this problem?

That was so long time ago… If I remember correctly, I didn’t specify Website restrictions correctly in the API key settings.

Thank you for the reply. still learning this stuff.