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Build simple site with SSO support



I'd like to build simple store with 1 item to sell as subscription + SSO support ? Is it possible to build it with webflow?

-landing page
- 1 item to sell "Test prep question bank hosted by other site" to embed code in any site.
- it is a digital product ( can not be downloaded i.e user consume online )

I loved shopify but SSO cost about $999 !!



Hi @Zozo, Webflow doesn't support membership management or CRM functionalities at this point in time. You also cannot embed or upload server-side code to do this.


What are my options?

Thank you @samliew


You might want to consider exporting the site and converting it into a Wordpress theme. It has membership, e-commerce plugins, etc.

If you need help you can always hire an e-commerce developer.

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