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Building a basic directory type website

Hi all, new user to Webflow.

My company is building a directory-type website (for example, a directory showing all the community parks in california).

Is this something you would recommend building in Webflow? I am not experienced with web design but I can pick it up fairly easily. There would need to be a state page, city page, search bar and then a page displaying the name of the park, address, the hours of operation and a google map of the area.

I built something very similar in Squarespace but it is using static pages. I want to take advantage of CMS so I can easily add a park in the editor by typing in the relevant info then auto populating the page for me, instead of in Squarespace where I duplicate a template page and fill in the info by hand.



Us the advantage of the CMS inside webflow for easier process. The CMS is so powerful so you can invest your time in Design although you are not experience with design :slight_smile:

Webflow is a great tool for building directory sites!

I highly recommend you check out this video tutorial here:

Awesome. I will, I appreciate the advice!!!