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Building a custom image slider


Hi there!

My client wants this kind of slider:

I don't know if this topic could be the answer. As you can see, we have 3 thumbnails once the user select it one of them the background change.

Here you go my project

Thank you in advance!


You could use the tabs widget. You would not have any additional options for type of transitions other than the default fade out / fade in, but tabs would by far be the easiest method to replicate your layout.


Hi @jselva, I would agree with @vlogic, using tabs is a simple and effective approach. We do not yet have tab control navigation to individual slides built in to the Slider widget yet.

Cheers, Dave


You want something like this: Let me know, if that is what you want and I would share Bartosz ninja jquery trickery with you.


Hi! Thank you for your replies, I'll try to implement the tabs widget smile


@jselva, Good choice. If you get stuck or have questions, feel free to ask and myself and others here on the forum can help out smile

Cheers, Dave



I've implemented the tabs widget and works very well. Now I'm going to put images in each thumbnail, any suggestion? wink


make a div 100% width and height. drop it in the tab. Set the image as background cover.


Done! Good remark, now works as I wanted.