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Building an ecommerce site with 10k+ products possible?


Does anyone have experience with building an ecommerce site with Webflow that should be able to list a lot of products with different color / size variations? I understand that the ecommerce feature hasn’t rolled out yet but I was wondering what would be the best 3rd party “plugin” to help us with this. I’ve heard people say to stay away from Magento, and so I was considering Shopify or Ecwid



Hi @DharmaNode.
Josh from Foxy here. We have a seamless integration with Webflow’s CMS that allows you to create and manage your products without ever leaving Webflow. Also, this supports full design control and product variants. You can learn more here:

The only limitation will be the number of collection items allowed in Webflow. (something outside of our control)

I invite you to sign up for our unlimited free trial so you can test things out ( And if you need anything at all, we’re here to help. Custom demos, Skype call, etc. Just let us know.



HI @foxy

I’ve looked at foxy before but it seemed to me that it was lacking on the customization part. We need the shopping bag, favorite item list, and product page (to name a few) all to be custom.

Feel free to prove me wrong though, I haven’t had that much time to look into it yet.


Hi @DharmaNode.
Thank you for your reply. To confirm, your website and product pages are 100% managed and designed in Webflow. This includes your purchase buttons and forms.

All Foxy related templates (cart, checkout, receipt, and emails) can be completely customized with your own html, css, and js. In fact, we have step-by-step instructions on how to add a custom header/footer to your Foxy templates in Webflow.

Styling the actual cart, receipt, and checkout elements requires adding custom css, but we’re here to help every step of the way if you run into any issues.

Here are some beautiful examples of how Webflow users have customized things:

Of course, these are just some examples. The sky is the limit when it comes to design and checkout flow. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you get started.



In the examples you provided they all have the same shopping cart, is that not customizable?

We also need customers to be able to leave a review of a product on the product’s page, is that possible as well?


Hi @DharmaNode.
I’m not for sure I follow about the cart. By default, the sidecart will be used. Alternatively, you can use the full page cart, skip the cart entirely, or build your own cart (modal, side, etc.) it’s completely up to you.

For product reviews, this is as simple as embedding a third-party review system. Keep in mind that products and product pages are 100% managed in Webflow. Here’s an example:

We definitely recommend creating your free account to test things. Our unlimited free trial includes all functionality (except running live transactions) and unlimited access to our support team. We’re here to help if you have further questions.