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Business tools for Freelancers


Hello Buddy,

You should to try peopleperhour. This is the best site to do business and earn money. I also using this and I recommend this to everyone who wish to earn money quick. I love this. You should try this once, surely you will like it. Thanks.


There are too many earning website like peopleperhour. If you search on google or other search engine you’ll get a big list of earning websites. Here are some of them- upwork, elance, freelancer, microworker and many more.


Another option that you could check out is ZipBooks. There is a free option for processing credit cards (not including the processing which is the same as Stripe). Recurring or scheduled billing is a paid feature, I’m pretty sure.


You can also try ProofHub. ProofHub is an online project management and collaboration tool that helps team to plan, organize, collaborate and delivers projects. ProofHub is a highly beneficial tool that brings all the useful project management tools along with a native proofing tool. The proofing tool makes life easy for designers as it cuts the tedious task of reviewing and approval of designs easier than ever. Plus, there is an in built timer in the app as well, which you can use to track time spent on design works and bill the clients in the easiest possible manner.


No doubt ProofHub is a good stuff, I can tell this from my experience.
Also a nice tool for designers as I consider would be logaster which I used for many times for myself


started using satchelpay, they do it for free <3


Not sure if you’re still looking around, but Freshbooks has been well worth it for me. I use the Stripe integration for payment processing. Recurring invoicing, auto-payments, deposits, time-tracking, and payment notifications are indispensable to me. There are more great features obviously, but those are my most used ones.