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Button animations on hover - is it possible?



I’m a visual designer and so a bit of a newbie in terms of code and stuff. I haven’t started building my site yet, just doing a bit of research and came across some nice button animations here: . I was wondering if something like this is possible in webflow? Can I copy in the custom code somehwere? I managed to use a gif as a button hover background but it looked a bit rubbish! A gradient hover would look pretty cool too, would they be possible?

Also can someone tell me if this doable in webflow please?

Thanks very much for any help! :blush:


Hi Gemma,

First links animation you may do with copy/past reference code.

Second and third links animations I think may create in Webflow.

Today I try and show it)


Here live version:



Here is a video showing how to do it with the codepen.

I erased the body code in the css before I pasted it in the html embed on webflow.


Awesome thanks so much to you both for all your help! I’m going to start building my site today :grinning: