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Button moves around page

I’ve got a button on the homepage that isn’t behaving as I’d like?

Here is the site

The ‘Read More’ button in the ‘Read the ISA Story’ section on the home pages moves around when the page resizes? Why is this happening? I have an ‘About us wrapper’ section with a background image. The button and ‘Read ISA Story’ headline are within a ‘About us content’ div block, both are set to alight left. But when I publish the site it moves around?

The ‘About us wrapper’ is set to flex box, the ‘about us content div’ is a flex child set to align left.

Can anone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Thanks for taking a look, I just want the ‘read the ISA story’ and the ‘Read more’ button to me left aligned but brought in slightly from the left hand side of the page, is there a way to do that without changing the margins for each viewport?

Add screenshot of the problem. Hard to answer like this (“jump” is to general).