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Buttons to a CMS section


In my CMS i have each collection item in a different section, but at the top of the page, i would like to have buttons across the top that when clicked takes u to the collection section. Only Im not sure how to link the buttons to a particular section. Ive only been able to link to a separate page.


this should help


Well i was more so trying to apply it to different CMS items that are each on a different section. So if i select a section for each button to go to it can only go to one section since its a CMS collection. Im not sure if that makes sense the way im saying it


If you want to link directly to a cms list item, you’d have to do some custom coding to do that. I’m honestly not sure how. Can you explain more what you want to do?


I was aiming to have buttons at the top of the landing page that when clicked it would take u to a different cms/section. Only thing is since each section is a different cms item as well the anchor applied goes to the same section


I don’t think you can do this without custom code. You may be able to somehow override the div I’d with a custom embed to take the div I’d from a collection field but you’ll still have to link to it. It’s much easier to just link to each collection page manually. Honestly, having all that content load on one page is going to be very large for people to load.