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Buttons will not display when I PUBLISH them, only visible when I design mode


As you can see under "Links to our productions" there is a few square buttons that should lead to various Vimeos. However, when I publish this exact site, the buttons do not show up... you can seer his here.

[Here is the link if you want to]1 see for yourself, please help! Thanks so much.


Can you share the link so we can look at it in Webflow, please. Initially, I'm thinking you used a background image for the buttons, if that's the case then unless there is content (text or image element) in the button OR you have given it a specific height/width then the button won't show.


Hi @Brandon_Stein

Your anchors has no size measurements. So when you publish site, browser has no information about how wide and high should be those elements.

Hope it helps, cheers,



Hi @Brandon_Stein, as @sabanna and @jdesign mentioned, it seems your link class on the button has no height or width set. This causes the link to not be visible on the published page.

Set a width and height on the link class for those buttons and you should be ok both in design and published modes looking the same smile Cheers,


Hi guys!

Thank you so much for pointing this out to me! I will fix this tomorrow and let you know if it is not working.

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