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Calculations with collection field value: possible?


I wonder if it is possible to make any simple calculations with a numeric value of a collection field before displaying them on the collection page.

Let’s say, I have a regular price in the Products collection, and I want to display a discounted ‘internet’ price as well. Is there an easy way (for a designer rather than a coder) to display “[price] * 0.85”, for example?

Thank you for any advice :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pataka.
Josh from Foxy here. I think I understand what you’re after and we have helped other Webflow users with something similar. If you’ll be using Foxy as your ecommerce platform, we can definitely help you with a solution. Feel free to message me.



Hello, I advise you to use Zapier although it is a temporary solution


Thank you, @DANIAUD_Dimitri. You probably mean to make any calculations before feeding the data into Webflow collections, right? Yes, that could be done, but our data import is a bit more complex, so I would have preferred to do this simple calculation in the front end… :thinking:

Already several times before I was in a situation when I thought the ability to make simple operations with the collection field values would be handy…

And thank you, Josh from @foxy, I have gladly sent you an email! :slight_smile:


Hi @Pataka.
Email received and reply sent. :slight_smile: