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Can anyone help by making a tutorial on this for me?


A customer is wanting something like this

and I have no idea how to go about starting this. :sweat_smile:

@sabanna would you be willing to help me on this? :grin:


@waldo would you happen to know how to set this up?


I would use Tabs widget. Every icon is a tab-link and information is in the tab-pane. Play with tabs navigation part and make tab-links are display: block + float: left


@sabanna oh this is perfect! Thank you yet again! :grin:


@sabanna this is perfect I'm go happy!


@sabanna I know you'll know right away why this is happening... I'm having trouble with my accordions, when you click it's so harsh when it opens and isn't a smooth transition, how can I make it slow down and be smoother when opening and closing?

On services page.

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