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Can content be hosted/run on an AWS cluster of the region of our choice (EUROPE)?

Hello dear all,

I understand that webflow uses Amazon Web Service to host and deliver content from our beautiful webflow websites. I was just wondering, since Amazon does have european regions as well namely Frankfurt in Germany, would it be possible for the content of our european clients be hosted in Europe instead of the United States ? I must admit I don’t know much about devops and all the IT behind it, I’m very much willing to learn and be enlightened on this topic.

I am asking because I’m about to lose a big contract with a German client as soon as I told him I was using Amazon Web Service for the hosting… he started to talk to me about Trump administration and so on… :confused: If I could tell him there was a way to host in Europe, that would calm everything down. Question is, can we ?

Thank you very much !


I would like this option as well, though I understand that that can be difficult to implement.
To give webflow some insight in the EU market; most (medium to large sized) companies here tend to be aware of privacy regulations.

EU (customer/person) data has to be stored GDPR compliant, but even a bigger turnoff for any EU company is the fact that the data is hosted offshore. That brings a number of risks in the realm of privacy, intellectual property laws and basic company (trade) secret.

Simply put: would you, webflow team, be comfortable with your code being hosted outside of the US? China for example :wink: No? Why not? Same deal here.


Hi @anthonysalamin, @Ozone

Webflow is kinda GDPR compliant due to the Privacy Shield. Not sure if that will hold forever, Privacy Shield as GDPR compliant is sometimes discussed.
You could still host it yourself on Frankfurt AWS or use a different form processor. But most of the time, clients who are GDPR worried use Gmail or Outlook to receive forms which are in the same bandwagon as Webflow. MS Outlook is definitely worse as it’s been red-flagged by german administration at some point.

But from a Quality Of Life standpoint, I agree, that would be great to have this option from Webflow. But I’m not sure we’re enough EU customers to make things change.

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Thanks alot for your feedback ! I thought about exporting the site and host it myself yes but the issue is I won’t be able to offer the CMS system to my client anymore since we can only export static site.

I’m not sure we’re enough EU customers to make things change.
This breaks my heart :confused: but I do understand


The best we can do so far is having a privacy policy that takes the US Privacy Shield into account, which still is a derogation to process data in US. From our lawyer perspective, only enterprises collecting private data ( marital status, religion, political orientations etc … ) should be concerned about GDPR. If you only collecting normal form data you should be fine.
The real question is: do we know any form processor that stores data in EU ? They will also be under the Privacy Shield most of the time, as Webflow.

I’m sure there are more EU customers having the same GDPR issue as Anthony. One of them is me. Same situation as he described: as soon, as I mention that webflow is hosted in the US, my German customers tell me that this is a no go for them. This may sound strange for US-American ears, but German companies and persons are very sensitive in terms of privacy protection. So I have two choices: let the customers go or use Wordpress for instance. Too sad, since I really would like to offer Webflow to them.


Yes this is a serious concern now that Privacy Shield is pretty much gone, it will take a couple of years to work through legally, giving companies a grace period - but unless they come up with an alternative solution then EU users will need the option to host on AWS europe.

I think it is simply a lost cause. Webflow being an american company and despite all their efforts, seems to privilege their american customers. Having hosting infra-structures in Europe certainly isn’t as cheap and trivial to setup as in the United Sates of America.

Consequently We, as europeans or “non-americans” are simply being left aside. I’ve lost three contracts already (Webflow lost three juicy monthly revenue too) because of that hosting issue. Regardless of the GDPR issue, some eureopean companies / CEOs simply doesn’t want to host their websites on american soild for political issues (how can we blame them ?).

I’m now simply working on learning proper backend system and other headless CMS to host websites on european soil :slight_smile: By stubbornly locking down their customer to host their CMS site in the USA, Webflow will slowly not only loose european frontend designers, but juicy monthly revenue too :upside_down_face: think it’s sad.

That being said, Webflow is the best thing that happened in my freelance life. Webflow is the reason I quitted the Agency I was working for 3 years ago and started my own business :slight_smile:


Regarding the hosting, what could be interesting is if Webflow would find some kind of alternative like has where it would be possible to run a Webflow instance on a AWS cluster of the region of our choice (like in Germany). I’m just thinking loud.


Thats what i assume would be the neatest solution - they’re on AWS already arent they, so surely not tht but a job to have an options to host on AWS based in the EU.

Yes I was having a similar discussion with a client also. Would also like to see hosting to be possible within EU are in a selected area of choice.

I’m having a meeting with a client, coming Tuesday, and I dread this question… I just don’t know what to tell them if they would ask about GDPR compliance and having their own hosting. I designed their website, but I can’t tell them IF they could actually use it. It really, kinda, sucks!