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Can do? If I post an Insta with the #blog hashtag = cross-publish it on my Webflow's Blog page


Hello @Everyone,

  1. I created a /blog page on Webflow
  2. On which I designed an " like" feed (with 1 post per line)
  3. Is there a way I can make Webflow "cross-publish" on this /blog page, any Instagram post that I publish with the #blog hashtag?

That would be SO cool and much easier when I don't want a full-blown Blog.
Yes I know on Instagram I won't have the "Title" nor the "Date", but at least I'll have the Pic and the Description.

I'm asking this before I go ahead and tackle with IFTTT, Zapier or (you name it)
(seriously, name it, I'd love to know if there's an automation tool around beside those)

Ps: I'm also thinking of using Instafeed.js, but what bothers me is the difficulty of setting that up every single time for each new website.


following, would love to know this too.


Would only be possible with an API, which is Coming Soon



An API is mandatory. Okay.
So, while waiting for the coming soon is is possible to do so with Instafeed + Webflow?


I probably misunderstood your original post, as you used the word 'published' - and that you meant to pull the instagram images and put it in the CMS.

Yes, it used to be easy to do it with instafeed, but they are having a huge problem now.


Yes indeed. They're limited by the new Instagram review process. It's what I call the 9/11 fireback. Because of a couple fools who played with fire, the whole world is being stripped down at Airport Security. Same for Instagram, a couple fools abused Instagram API, and now everyone has to go under Review :frowning:


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