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Can i disable fullPage.js depending on div size?


My question is: Can i disable fullPage.js depending on a div size?

I’ve been trying to look this up, but with no luck. I found this “if, else” stuff, but i don’t think i know how to tweak it right, or if it’s even possible:

if(.scrollable.width < 10) { 
        autoScrolling: false,
        fitToSection: false
}} else {
        autoScrolling: true,
        fitToSection: true

.scrollable = div starting at 0vw and expanding to 50vw.
I want the scroll from fullPage.js to stop when this div is bigger than 1vw (or just 10 px) and active again when 0vw.

Is this possible?

A javascript rookie


Figured out another solution. :smile: