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Can I hire someone to help with SSL configuration?


Hi all - I posted an issue with SSL on AWS Route 53 a while back and didn’t get a resolution…

I’d really love to solve this but I’m stumped and don’t want to have my site down for long periods of time while I figure it out. Is there anyone who can help me sort it out?



@davenovelli I was looking at your domain and it looks like you currently have our non-SSL DNS records configured for (

You will need to make the following adjustments for your A records:

Replace with

Replace with

Then for your CNAME record (

Replace with

Do you see the old A records and CNAME record within Amazon Route53?


Thanks Waldo!

I believe I did all of these steps exactly when I first attempted to turn on SSL (and turned it back so that my site wasn’t totally dead if someone attempted https - there are plugins that always attempt https which poses a big problem), but I’m more than happy to try them again. Ideally tonight

I’ll report back, thanks!