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Can I make a container width bigger?


Can I make a container width bigger?
I know webflow does it automatically is there some way of over riding it?


You could use this in your custom code area in the dashboard.

@media screen and (min-width: 1200px) {
.w-container {
max-width: 1170px; }


Awesome! Thank you. :grinning:


Also other way:

1) give class to container
2) add div with same class
3) style that div (width, height, etc) and it will affect container.



I just set the max width to 100%


@cleo My recommendation is just to create a div with a class name similar to container like container-2 and then give it the following styles.

Width: 100%
Max Width: (put in max width here)

And click the centered button (gives equal margin on both sides) and you have a custom container which you can style to your hearts desire :smile:

Thank you,



This is a perfect solution.

Thanks Waldo!


My pleasure to help @TriceWD :smile:


I was playing around with the container, and all my options for sizing were grayed out. There was a message that stated, basically that Webflow controls the width of the container to optimize display on different devices.

My question is this: Because Webflow treats containers a specific way in terms of responsiveness, is it better to use the custom code to modify the width of the container element, or is it better to simply use a generic div as the container and select whatever width I'd like?

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