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Can i Subscribe another Account with Same Credit Card?


I already manage a personal account but i have need for another of team member to get on board. So i can use the card for my account to get his own set-up?



yup! or you can:

1) start a team plan
2) downgrade your own account to the free plan
3) sign your team member up for the free plan
4) invite your team member into the team plan

1 credit card, 1 bill, 1 dashboard, 2 people smile


That will be expensive for me at $70 monthly at the moment. I'll definitely get the team account but not now.
What i need to know is if i can sign up my the account (for my brother actually) with the same credit card i used for mine? wink


yup. you can use the same credit card on any other account smile


Thats great to know. And i've signed up for the CMS beta. Please don't let it pass me by wink

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