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Can i use Multiple Map Locations with CMS?


Hi @AlexN,

Nice work with the Dynamic Google Maps but what you have is for 1 locations and i need Dynamic Multiple Locations.
But i'm going to try to use your logic and see if i can pull this out, nice work, tks :slightly_smiling:


you will probably have to setup a google api account - (but it may not cost you anything - depending on the site and how many requests there are)


Yep, i know, but the problem is managing multiple spots on the CMS.


I just checked out the 'example' they gave re: housing details.

I'm sure there isn't anything like a 'proximity' detection or a way to do this with webflow directly.
but making a list doesn't seem to be very difficult.
(show locations in (selected province).. or city)

what problem are you having?


Let me give a example.

I have a collection of hotels, and I have a colections of places like New York, LA, Washington etc.

Doing the detail page for one place it's easy, my problem is doing the page for: show me all hotels in New York.

This page will show all the "x" locations on a single map of all the hotels in a specific category, in this case New York.

How do I show a single map with multiple locations with data coming from the CMS and not manually from google maps, that's my problem.


I understand.
You will need to know Java/Jquery in order to add a plugin i think.

search google for 'multi point google map api' and adapt one that allows you to access the embed script..
probably looking for a FOR loop to run through the plot points
and you can do all sorts of cool things with the locations.. like adding (dynamically) phone number, different icons for markers, and a bunch of stuff..

BUT ONLY if webflow allows jquery/java embed to function.

I had a quick search and found this..

unfortunately I do not know enough java/jquery to give this all a try and definitively say, "YES" you can do it.
But i think the possibility certainly exists to use something that is already built.
OR to build it yourself of course.

As far as it being easy..
the only way I could think of doing it EASY would be to use a completely STATIC map (doesn't move or zoom)
and then overlap the generated points on that same map. (then somehow force the map point markers z-index to 9999999 so that they are all on top - the same map overlapping but the markers all on top)
but I seriously doubt that would work for many reasons.


whooo, tks man, thats actually a great help. I will have to hire a Javascript guy to do that, but i think what you say is logical.
Again, tks... i was looking for this for a long time.


Well, i have been testing and displaying one page with one locations it´s easy.

The problem is like you say, i will have to make a background map with no move or zoom, well... it will not work.
Does anyone have another solution?


I know that "Complex Google map" with many locations on it can be created by connceting spreadsheet to it. So every time you add new address to connected spreadsheet document it will appear on the map. Only thing is that there is no big freedom in styling google maps.


Hi @sabanna , tks for your feedback but what exactly you mean with by connecting spreadsheet to it?

  • Go to "May maps" from Google maps.
  • Create new map.
  • There is option "Add layer". When you click on it, it will give you the option "Import data from Google spreadsheet".
  • When you add link to the shared spreadsheet with addresses it will show all addresses on one map.


Ooohhhh ok, got it, but this a manual mode, every new spot that I inset on the CMS I will have to insert it on the google maps.
I need a dynamic solutions that gets the data from the CMS.


Not on Google maps, but in the spreadsheet.

You may try to use some special form on the site for insert new address, then connect that form to Zapier which will send info to the spreadsheet. But, I never tried it on practice. :confused:

Simply pull that data from CMS items... I don't know how to do this


@PixelGeek @cyberdave @Waldo @thesergie @brryant @callmevlad

Any way i can pull this out?

P.S. - Sorry for calling all the webflow staff, but this is crucial for my project.


Hey @Rui_Almeida have you already tried using the Rich Text Element with Maps? Maybe have a data-field for each map location and use Rich Text field type for each of the data fields?


Hi @Waldo, Tks for your feedback, I did not quite understand what you mean with that, can you elaborate ?

Tks Rui


@Waldo hi, can you explain what you mean?


Hey @Rui_Almeida I made a quick example for you to take a look at:

If you check out the home page, you'll see a dynamic list of the Authors. Within the data collection, I added a Rich Text field which I just added maps into at 100% width:

​Please let me know if this solves the problem, if not, I’m happy to help further :slightly_smiling:


Hi @Waldo, tks for the tut, but that is not my problem, that's the easy part, my problem is shoing on a page, ony 1 map with multiple locations.
These locations comes from the CMS. My problem is not inserting content on the CMS, it´s showing multiple locations in only one map, check out this example


At the moment it's not possible, but I imagine we'll tackle feature this later on.