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Can Not Add Custom Code In Dashboard


I went to the DASHBOARD and selected add CUSTOM CODE to add some custom CSS but the both text box to add code are not there.. and i used inspector and i can not see the code i had already there???

So i created a brand new site and tried open the CUSTOM CODE and the same issue..

Maybe someone can verify this as I had never experienced this issue..


@phi36nine Oh snap thanks for pointing this out! We are implementing a code editor (instead of plain text), but something clearly went wrong. We'll fix this up asap! Sorry about that.


maybe your still working it as there still some issues.. look at the screenshot as there are a bunch of strage characters.. and if i try to edit anything it puts the characters at the end of the line.. basically it does not work.

editor looks like a cool new feature once you get it working..

i am on google chrome and winXP


It should be all fixed up now @phi36nine. Let us know if you run into any issues.


all works correctly..


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