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Can not see my sito web with IE


hi guys ,i don't know why i can not see my sito web on the IE9 but i can see it on the google chrome and fire fox .

please help me joy


Can you provide a link and a public link to your website so we all can look?




someone can help me ?? joy please


This is a link to a location on your local computer, nobody can access it but you. Can you publish your site on webflow?

so now can u see my sito web ?


i have downloaded my code on my computer but no work on the IE 11 ..................


Hi @marco1229, thanks for your update. I checked the site, but it appears to be unpublished. Could you publish your site and then we can look how that appears in IE ? If you have the site published on your own server, we can take a look, but we cannot see sites that you have stored locally.

Let me know if you still need assistance with this.

Cheers, Dave


hi my friend ,i have published my sito web ,can u see it now ? thanks


can not see my sito web on ie11 ,but thats ok on the firefox and google xD


Hi @marco1229, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I can see your site in IE 11, if you are still experiencing issues with this, can you try to refresh your browser cache history and see if that helps?

Cheers, Dave smile


thaks Dave ~ keep in touch! smiley