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Can’t get in touch with Webflow re: Enterprise Level Website

I have a client with millions of visits per month. Webflow’s plans are not enough for me.
What’s the problem with the sales team? I’m sending tons of emails and still nothing.

Welcome to the community @C180!

Unfortunately I can’t speak as to why you’re not getting a response—are you contacting them via the Enterprise landing page below?

Most of the other users around here are customers so it’s difficult for us to help, however Webflow employees do occasionally respond to requests from time to time. I’ve gone ahead and pinged some active folks below to hopefully speed up the process a bit.

Good luck with the project :webflow_heart:

@WebDev_Brandon @magicmark @McGuire

Hi @mikeyevin,

I’m just concern with the limits in the business plan.

Website Monthly Visits is 500,000 (The number of unique daily visits you can get to your site every month. We’ll let you know if you go over.)

My actual Wordpress website is getting more than that.

CDN bandwidth is 400 GB, I’d sleep better with 1TB.

Webflow doesn’t allow me to hire it online and the sales team is not making me happy with all this delay.