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Can the export code option be used to export to godaddy?

I’m new to all this stuff. right now my boss wants me to make a new website to replace our old one which was made with written code( a little above my head). right now we get our domain and hosting through godaddy. can i use web flow to make the website and then pay for a plan for a month and then export the code to go daddy to be used for our website?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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In general yes (Under paid account plans) - but:

  • No way to export CMS pages (Blog articles and so on).
  • You going to lose all editor/designer capabilities (Only developer could edit the content by code editor).
  • Forms will not work (Without extra code).

Also keep in mind about the topic of 301.

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Does the exported code include my CMS and Ecommerce content?

What would the lack of CMS effect? the website wont have any forms or any commerce.
its not the best plan but would i be able to edit the website by coming back to webflow, edit the site and hten just re export?
when you say 301 do you mean the “Dose the exported code…” form topic?

If you write a blog for example (X articles) - you won’t get the X blog articles under the export site (Same idea for team members, recipes -or- any other collection).

Not related to export code. Related to change site content and pages (Google it)/ Example: