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Can we disable editor access to specific collections?

As everyone continues working from home and wanting to contribute to site maintenance during this isolation fiasco, are there ways to limit user control in the editor?

The most vulnerable sections are the collections themselves, so I am wondering if it is possible to disable editor access to specific collections, and if not, what is the reason for this?

I have some users requesting access to only fix spelling errors, yet see no option to set them up with this without also giving them access to modify and edit all collections including changing slugs, reference and multi-reference, and names that can instantly break the way collection pages display conditional logic.

Is it possible to lock certain collections from the editor such as collections used to create categories and subcategories with compled multi-reference assignments?


I have the same question – is it possible to invite an editor into a specific collection to interact with that specific type of CMS content? I’m thinking no, but want to verify.

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I am a bit surprised this isn’t a more requested feature- at least for agencies that co-manage sites.

A simple collection lock similar to password protecting a page would be enough for me for now.

Less important restrictions: Limit heading choices, disable code embed, and an option to only show matched pairs for multi-reference combinations.


hey web flow staff?? can u guy give us a chance ??? lol