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Can Webflow recreate this site?


I'm looking to create story based landing pages, can I Webflow recreate a site like this?


Yes, a site like should not be any problem designing in Webflow.


Excellent! Now to figure out how to do it..


I'll give you some tips tomorrow :blush:If someone else don't beat me to it.


Well that would be amazing, thank you!


Here's a starting point for you.

And here's the designer link

I made sections with 100vh and filled it with fixed fixed background image. Then I copied that section once. The effect is that background img is the same while you continue to scroll. Copy once more if needed. To center the divs with text I used flexbox.

Hope it helps :sunflower:


Updated with a video background and "messages" inside :grin:
Not sure yet how to make multiple background videos that way though, yet.


Damn that's amazing Jorn! Where can I send you a beer?


Thanks, glad I could help. Love beer :beer: I'm actually having a beer taste night over at a friends house on saturday :grin:

Help someone else when you can and we call it even :beers:

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