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Can you reset or start over with a paid template?


Hello - if you've just been experimenting, and changes have been saved - how can you reset the a paid template back to its default state? Thanks!


Nevermind! Just realized you can restore prior (original) versions.


Once you purchase a paid template you'll see a snapshot was taken of the original template immediately after purchase so you always have a restore point if you ever choose to start over.


Is this true even if you are using the free version? I'm not seeing the snapshot.


I'm finding that without a paid account, you can't refresh your paid template as previous versions can't be retrieved... which REALLY sucks!

I'm not yet ready to upgrade to a paid account and kinda feel like the money I spent on a template has gone to waste if I can't reset it to the original state and start again.


We'll be working on a way to always be able to restore to the original template if you're on any plan (including if you ran into a backup limit).

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