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Can you send a navbar link to a CMS collections page?


Can you link a navbar navigation link straight to a collections page? On my Products page link, I don’t want to have to make a page to lead to a cms collections page I wanna go straight to the cms collections page.


Hey @warcraftman68

This can definitely be accomplished.

  1. Add a collection list to your navbar
  2. Place your nav-link element inside the collection
  3. Use filters and/or sort order to control which items can appear in the navbar
  4. Add some styling to the collection list to align it with the rest of your navbar

Alternatively if you don’t want a dynamic solution. Just point the link to your collection item page by using a url like this

Here are some materials about the methods I mentioned above. Hope this helps. Happy designing!


Thank you. I already used the link slug url of the collection page. I am definitely going to try your method out because there is a pause in loading the page when clicked on link.