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Can you unbind a collection list?


I have a collection list on a page that is bound to a collection and displaying items from that collection on a collection template page. I want to unbind it from that collection and bind it to another collection but there is a lock symbol on that drop down. Is there a way to unbind and rebind without deleting the list and starting all over?

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You have to delete/unbind everything inside first. So you might as well just start from a new collection list.


Hey Samilew, have you encountered situations where you cannot unbind, and must delete the elements? I have some elements showing as bound, but cannot find any bound properties. This started happening frequently on my projects over the past few weeks.

While it’s not a huge effort to rebuild those parts for the “clone”, I’m wondering if I’m missing something in the bindings.

In this example;


It shows only one remaining bound element;


But no bound properties appear;


Can’t help without access to your project.