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Can you use Webflow for non-responsive Website?


Hi , I'm using Webflow for a few time now and i wanted to know if there is any way to use webflow just for "normal" website . It would be great if Webflow had this fantastic functionnality in it , we could make either responsive or non responsive website .


@jolane Thanks for your feedback. We'll look into this and see what we can do.


Thanks , you'v got one of the best WYISWG editor on the market right now , making it Non-responsive would be a huge change .
Best regard .


+1 on this. I think it would allow us to deploy quickly and iterate our device versions over time.


Definitely. Any updates on this ?


+1 on this. Any updates on this ?


Yes we need this update, I'm having trouble with my site being made 'responsive' automatically while my desktop version without any responsive design for different devices is working just fine and is exactly the design I want.


Hey guys @callmevlad created a quick solution that you can paste into your custom code: