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Cannot add collection fields


When I try to add a new field and press save field the designer "jumps out" of the collection manager before I can press save collection.

I have tried in latest versions of both Safari and Google Chrome.

Unable to add fields to a Collection

Had the same problem


Same problem...shame this happens RIGHT when I have a deadline and this is the LAST thing I have to do ;(


Here also!! see this video:


Hi @Automedia and all, the issue is reported and as soon as there is a fix, I will provide an update.

Thanks in advance


Yeah having the same problem:


Appears to be resolved now


Yes, it appears to be solved :slight_smile: Working in Chrome.


Yay it works thanks webflow!


same here! must be a temporary issue


Hey guys!

Sorry to jump onto the topic so late. As soon as we got first info about this bug we started working on a fix. Once it was ready we deployed it right away. We were so happy about it we started celebrating and forgot to let you know here. So...

Sorry :slight_smile:
Anyway, we're happy that you're happy! Thanks for reporting this and well... stay awesome!

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