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Cannot save Rich Text in the collection item



Wanted to let you know that in a blog item that try to post on my webflow created website, I couldn't save a rich text. Every time after a paste it into box and save the draft, when I open it again the text it gone.

Website -

Mac OS X - Safari & Chrome

Same thing in Editor & Designer

Please help me out!


Fine half an hour ago... now any changes made to the blog template won't save.


@psoldunov @FFHQ Our apologies - we've found an issue and are working on a fix right now. ETA is 30 minutes - thank you for your patience!


Thank you... is there any update on the ETA? I just wanted to publish a page before I went to bed.


@FFHQ The fix is going live now, with an estimated 10 minutes (4:13pm PST) until the new code hits all of our servers.


Code has been deployed. Try refreshing the designer tool to see the fix.


Yay!! Thank you ! :grinning:


Everything works great! Thank you very much!

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