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Cannot see desktop widths while developing on laptop


Hi all,

I’m just starting with Webflow and am using a 15” laptop. Is there a way to zoom out in the designer I can see how thing will look in a larger monitor? Seems simple, but I’m
not finding a way to see wider than about 1350px in width.


Hi @findjerry

Are you able to change the screen resolution on your laptop to give some idea? There is also zoom in Chrome settings.

There’s a wishlist category for this with some input from Webflow staff on it’s progress here:


It works fine on a 13" laptop screen with a standard 1280x800 pt resolution.

How is your screen setuped?


I’m using the highest resolution available. I’ll try the zoom in chrome. Tx


Thanks, the zoom feature worked.


I was able to change my screen to non-standard resolution in addition to using browser zoom. Thanks!