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Can't access the "Current" state of a link with combo class


I am having trouble styling the Current state of a tab menu item. I have a class assigned to all tab menu items “Tab Link”. We have also introduced themes, so I have a combo-class "blue’ also assigned. The interface doesn’t seem to allow me to access the “current” state of the item when I have both classes (Tab Link and blue). I either get “Tab Link Current” or “Tab Link blue”, not “Tab Link blue Current”


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Just disable the blue combo class, style the current state, and then put the blue back on. It makes sense if you think about not being able to style a combo-class. If you need more granular control, go with the interactions panel

That doesn’t work for me because I need to style the Current state when the blue theme has been applied. If I follow your suggestion, I would style the current state for the whole Tab Link class.

Then use interactions for what you need